In February 2015 we released the Better Care Together strategy document, which can be found here  (a summary can be found here).


‘Better Care Together’ is a review of local health services.  This website explains why the review is happening, our plans and how you can contribute.

The 'Better Care Together' review is being carried out by local NHS organisations:  

The review is an opportunity to make sure the best possible health and care services are provided across North Lancashire and South Cumbria, which meet the needs of residents, now and well into the future.

Health professionals in the area, including GPs and hospital doctors, are looking at how health services are provided.  They are considering how the different parts of the health and care service can work together more effectively to ensure our population gets the most appropriate care.

It is important for the health professionals carrying out this review to know what you think about local health services, what your priorities are and how you think services should change.

Please take a little time to browse around this website, find out more about this review and how you can get involved.


Latest News

24 August 2016 Monthly Update

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19 August 2016 Weekly Update

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Filming in Morecambe Bay

The Better Care Together team has been out and about filming for the Health and Care Innovations Expo 2016, which we look forward to sharing with you soon.

The Expo takes place on the 7th and 8th September in Manchester. This year, it will once again focus on the biggest health and care issues and developments.

Better Care Together will have a stand in the New Care Models zone on the morning of Wednesday 7th September, which will provide an opportunity to share all our successes and learn from best practice in other areas.

We’ve decided to put together a film which encompasses our successes and our future plans, as well as showcasing our beautiful local geography.

We hope this film will be a new and different way to reach staff, partners and our local population, in addition to our traditional channels of newsletters, press releases etc.

If you are attending the Expo, please do come along and see the film. For those unable to attend we will be sharing this on our social media sites, so have a look on Wednesday 7th September 2016.

12 August 2016 Weekly update

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Two innovative IT projects by Better Care Together won national awards from ‘Fab NHS Stuff’ in July. The projects aim to reduce patient travel times and make best use of technology to help rural communities get the best possible care.

The Academy of Fab NHS Stuff is run by Roy Lilley and promotes the best and most innovative ideas and ways of working within the NHS.

The ‘5127 Award’ was won by our pioneering ‘Virtual Outpatients Appointments’ project. This project allows patients to receive their outpatient appointment with a specialist via a secure video link. This saves travel time for patients, many of whom require assistance from friends or family to attend their appointment, whilst also ensuring that specialists’ clinical time is best used seeing patients and not travelling between sites.

The ‘Hartly Larkin Award’ was won by the ‘Telehealth Link in Millom’, which aims to reduce some of the 22,900 journeys between Millom and Furness General Hospital every year. This project electronically links the A&E department with the Community Hospital in Millom, where the patient and community paramedic (or another health professional) are able able to virtually ‘meet’ A&E staff via a secure video link.

Often patients find themselves travelling long distances for routine follow up appointments, spending much longer travelling and waiting than they do with the consultant. Both of these projects are using the latest technology to bring that same level of care to the patient, but in a much more convenient location.

These awards follow the visit in June by Roy Lilley and Dr Terri Porrett, who were extremely impressed with the IT results so far as well as the work planned for the future.

We hope to see more of our projects win these very prestigious awards in the future.

5 August 2016 Weekly Update


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Millom’s annual carnival saw the launch of an exciting community project called CHAIN which will bring together all of the brilliant volunteers in the community to link them up with people who need a helping hand.

CHAIN is short for Community Help and Information Network, and has been created by Better Care Together and Millom Health Action Group who are both partners of the Millom Alliance. It is a cost free service that coordinates volunteers to help other residents with anything from mowing a lawn to doing their shopping.

The overall aim of CHAIN is to help individuals stay in their own homes for longer, improve their health and wellbeing and reduce social isolation.

Jenny Brumby, from Millom Health Action Group who spent the carnival day signing people up, said: 

“We have created CHAIN to support the existing volunteers and encourage people of all ages to become one. Once we have a bank of people we will match volunteers with the people who have come forward to say that they would benefit from extra support.”

Following on from the carnival parade, hundreds of people visited stands based at Millom Rugby Club which included one promoting the CHAIN initiative.  

CHAIN ambassadors from the community and Better Care Together engaged with over 200 people by handing out wristbands and flyers containing key information about CHAIN. Additionally, on the day individuals who would benefit from help along with potential volunteers were encouraged to sign up to become part of this exciting project.

Sheila Watson who lives in Millom said:

“I signed up to CHAIN to volunteer to help others because one day I might need help and it would be nice to know that there would be someone to help me. It’s great to be a part of a giving community where people do help each other.”

Following on from the Carnival day, CHAIN ambassadors including the individuals responsible for producing and delivering the town’s ‘Around the Combe’ magazine, will continue to promote the initiative by sharing information about CHAIN.   

The CHAIN initiative is available at no cost to everyone living from Waberthwaite to Broughton in the ‘Around the Combe’ communities.

29 July 2016 Weekly Update

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"@BCTMorecambeBay" reaches milestone - 1000 followers!


The thousandth person has signed up as a follower of Better Care Together updates via twitter – which showcases the latest news from the health programme.

Better Care Together is one of the NHS Vanguards taking forward new models of care, and twitter is just one of the ways we are being noticed for our work. Recent twitter updates have included:

 Roy Lilley, Academy of NHS Fab Stuff, visit to Morecambe Bay

 Millom Carnival event, where we helped sign up volunteers to ‘CHAIN’ - a community project which matches up volunteers with those who require additional support

 Virtual Outpatient appointments

The Better Care Together twitter account has reached 1,000 followers, a significant milestone for the programme. Social media is an excellent tool which we use to share updates and developments regarding the programme, allowing us to reach a significant number of people at the push of a button.

"@BCTMorecambeBay" tweets reach an estimated 97,892 twitter accounts

We also have:

 A Facebook page –

 A YouTube channel - (search BCT Morecambe Bay)

 Our website –