Better Care Together is working with 12 Integrated Care Communities (ICCs), which have been created to help bring together local health and care organisations. The focus of the ICCs is to ensure that local people are supported to improve their own health and wellbeing, and that when people are ill or need support, they receive the best possible joined up care.

Community, primary, and secondary care staff will work with social care, the Third Sector and the public to ensure that they focus on the chosen priorities to ensure the best possible health and care for local people. The aim is to help people to care for themselves within their own homes, receive care as close to home as possible and only go to hospital when they need the specialist care that only a hospital can give.

The ICCs, will for example, provide support to people with long-term health needs e.g. frail elderly people and others at risk of admission to hospital to provide a more personalised support and proactive care planning to help them to better manage their health. ICCs are also working with local communities to help build happy and healthy communities.

Morecambe Bay has a number of diverse communities with differing health needs and different demographics. Each ICC will develop services tailored to the different health needs of the population (for example the people of Barrow might have different health needs to the people of Kendal).

Kendal Garstong Lancaster Castle Bay Lancaster Carnforth East Grange Lakes Alfred Barrow Barrow Town Dalton & Ulverston Millom